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29 juin 2006

It's the time to put in practice what you've dreamed about

(Je vois que l'anglais remporte un franc succès, même Ludwig Gottlieb von Haydn a déserté.)

Je viens d'écouter le dernier album des Sparks, Hello Young Lovers. Cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas mis d'étincelles dans mes oreilles, en raison des relents technoïdes de Gratuitous Sex and Senseless Violins qui m'avaient fait quand même un peu peur. Mais Hello Young Lovers ne présente pas ce travers, il fait la part belle aux cordes et au piano, et n'est pas si mal que ça dans l'ensemble. Il n'est bien sûr pas à la hauteur de Kimono My House, mais s'écoute assez bien, malgré le côté opéra rock qui devient lassant sur la fin (s'il y en a que ça intéresse, la vidéo du premier single, Dick Around, qui a un je ne sais quoi de Bohemian Rhapsody).
Bref, ça m'a tout de même donné envie de faire un petit retour en arrière et de réécouter les deux frères Mael. Ce qui me donne l'occasion de vous mettre cette jolie vidéo de Amateur Hour version live, où on appréciera plus particulièrement la performance scénique de Ron (le moustachu).

(oui, je sais, là ce sont les badébis que je vais faire fuir)

26 juin 2006

Alternative ends

(Especially for Merry)

· Stinking fantasy like:
"[…]Kathleen found herself hiding in the bush. She heard some trumpeting, and wondered what it could be. She lifted her head a little, and she couldn't believe it: it was an oliphant! Mounted with dozens of trolls, the beast was making its way through the plain and was about to trample Kathleen under its huge feet. Fortunately, Princess Daenerys appeared suddenly from the sky with her three dragons and swiftly came down. The great glittering black dragon grabbed Kathleen in its claws, and they all flew away back to Jamaillia."

· Steam-punk like:
"[…]Kathleen found herself balancing at the top of the Eiffel Tower. She only just managed to escape the automaton that was trying to throw her into space, and grabbed a rope hanging from the dirigible above. While the wind was swelling her gown, she felt someone taking her up. But when on the dirigible, she discovered with horror it was the Commander of the Imperial Guard. However, his sardonic laugh was interrupted by the knob of the Duke's cane who had arrived just in time, as usual. Kathleen tidied her hair while the Duke straightened his buttercup-yellow gloves, and he gave her his arm to take her to the dining room of the dirigible."

Break-ups in a row

(Sequel to "From Monday to Friday")

Sarah knocked on Kathleen's door. She had been trying to avoid her for a week or so, as she began considering the situation to be awkward, but if she went on doing so, Kathleen would start to ask for some explanations. Today was Thursday, and the men were away. Kathleen opened the door and let Sarah come in. She shut the door and turned back to greet her with a kiss, but Sarah had already moved towards the middle of the room. Sarah kept turning her back to Kathleen who immediately felt something was wrong.
"Actually, I've come only to tell you something", Sarah said.
"Yes? What's the matter?" Kathleen asked.
"I, err… I think this ain't right, you know."
"What, 'this'?"
"Well, the two of us. We shouldn't do that. I mean, I do love Peter, and whatever the situation is, David's your boyfriend." Sarah turned around to face Kathleen but didn't dare to look straight in her eyes.
"I see", Kathleen said. "Yet you haven't seemed too much upset about it these last few weeks. So what? Tell me what's wrong now."
"It's just that I cant' stand lying like that to Peter anymore. You may not be troubled by that, but I am."
Kathleen felt that wasn't all. That couldn't be, for Sarah never seemed disturbed by her lying to Peter. On the contrary, she had often said this slight hint of secrecy was pretty exciting. She waited a moment for her friend to go on.
"I'd like things to come back to a more normal way, you know", Sarah said. "Don't take it bad, Kathleen, I like you very much and we did have some good time, but it's not fair to Peter. And anyway, I'm not gay, it was just… you know…"
"Oh right, so there it is", Kathleen replied. "It's not really the lies that trouble you, it's that you don't wanna be taken for a gay. But do you really care to be defined one way or another? Don't you say you didn't like to touch me!"
"Come on, Kathleen, don't make it harder than it could be. We'd better not go any further."
Kathleen didn't reply, since she understood Sarah had already made up her mind. Sarah moved towards the door and got out without a word and without looking back. Kathleen didn't feel so upset, because she had never loved Sarah, but with her leaving out, she would have to face the situation with David. Her ambiguous relationship with Sarah had been a way to ignore her own problems and to put their solving off till later kind of like.
Sarah felt both relieved and troubled as she left. Relieved because she had never really accepted that she could enjoy to have sex with a girl, and troubled because she knew she would have to tell Peter if she wanted to put her mind at ease. The following day, Peter came home late in the evening, like every Friday. Sarah had decided to tell him about Kathleen. She first greeted him, asked him how the week had been as she used to, and then started to tell the story. But she didn't dare to tell the whole thing, the lies during several weeks. Cheating on him with a girl was enough, she thought. So she contented herself with letting him know she had had sex once with Kathleen, in a moment of distraction, so to speak. She insisted on the fact that it meant nothing at all, that she had no feelings at all for Kathleen, and she did as much as she could to assure him of her love for him. However, Peter refused all her apologies and explanations, and after a lot of useless arguing and begging from Sarah, he quickly packed the essentials and left the apartment, saying he would come back on the following weekend to take his reminding things away.
As for Kathleen, she didn't say anything to David. She went on as if nothing happened, though she felt like things were getting harder with David. So she began to lose patience more often, and to take less time and care to reassure him on her love. David felt something had changed, but was too afraid to lose her to ask her straight out about it.
A little time went by during which the situation didn't seem to move on. Sarah was still in love with Peter and wished she had never either done anything with Kathleen or said anything to Peter. She couldn't help bearing a grudge against Kathleen and blaming her a little for her breaking up with Peter. Kathleen didn't try to get Sarah back, because she knew that wouldn't help her at all with David all in all, and because she was quite disappointed by Sarah who had finally been more embarrassed by the female side of the affair than by the cheating one. The relations between the two girls were all the more awkward as they had to see each other quite often because of some common work they did for school. Each time they would face one another, Kathleen would boldly gaze at Sarah while the other would usually look away. They would both pay attention to say just what would be needed.
David's begging for endless reassuring got more and more on Kathleen's nerves, all the more so as his traineeship was over and he was back full time at home now. She started to care less and less about his threats concerning what he would do if she left him, step by step considering them to be idle threats. One day, to the very same question as usual "Do you really love me", she simply didn't think and answered with a little annoyance that she didn't know. And from then all was easy. Curiously enough, he didn't do or say anything extreme at first as Kathleen had feared, and he seemed to accept. To get sure he had understood, she told him it was over and he should pack his things as soon as possible. He just said he would. And he did, waiting for Kathleen to be out at school on the following day, taking away with him most of the furniture.
So Kathleen found herself on her own, in a half empty apartment. She moved, happy to be able to do so, and finally moved on.

24 juin 2006

Boom-Boom Kill

Un logiciel de boom-boom qui refuse de jouer des motifs les uns à la suite des autres, c'est très fort... et surtout très chiant.

23 juin 2006

You don't suit me

You don't suit my complexion
You don't suit my clothes
You don't suit my wide vision
You don't suit my pose

You don't suit my shaking sun
You don't suit my play
You don't suit cruising for fun
You don't suit my way

I just want the perfect match
A piece of ass, some white for black
I deserve better than that
Don't pin yourself up against my back

You don't suit my direction
You don't suit my face
You don't suit introversion
You don't suit no grace

You don't suit my obsession
You don't suit desire
You don't suit my starvation
You don't suit inside

I just want the perfect match
A piece of ass, some white for black
I deserve better than that
So won't you get off of my back

Quand le parolier n'est pas inspiré, il trouve que la répétition est une figure de style très groovy...

22 juin 2006

From Monday to Friday

Sarah was a student. She and Peter lived as a couple, though he worked in a quite distant town. So they couldn't see each other except on weekends, and she used to get bored a lot during the week while her lover was far away. One day, she met the couple that lived on the same floor, David and Kathleen. She started the conversation, and, with a most pleasing surprise, they realized they were all three of them students in the same school. They promised to each other to have a dinner together as soon as possible. It was actually done on the next Saturday: the two couples got together at Peter and Sarah's, and they all spent a good evening.
On the following Monday, Sarah tried to meet Kathleen at school. By a stroke of luck, she found her very quickly, moved towards her, and the girls began to talk. Kathleen liked Sarah very much: she looked quite shy at first sight, almost ordinary, but she became beautiful as soon as she would speak. If Sarah felt at ease with somebody, she just dropped her shyness. And she did feel well with Kathleen. Besides, she confessed to her that she had already made her out and been wanting to get to know her for awhile. Kathleen felt a little embarrassed about that, for she had never noticed Sarah before, and she wished she had. She was delighted with knowing this young lady all in all peculiar and somehow multifaceted.
The new friends spent more and more time together, sometimes with David and less often with Peter, and they found out they had disconcerting enough a lot in common, and began to slightly confide in one another. Sarah mentioned her loneliness during the week and wished Peter didn't have to go so far for his work. She envied Kathleen who seemed so happy with David. Kim just nodded to that and switched the subject.
This last conversation aroused Sarah's curiosity, and she now understood that the image of perfect couple that gave David and Kathleen didn't reflect reality. She tried to have Kathleen for dinner with them two alone in order to learn a bit more, but Kathleen declined the invitation, looking embarrassed and being evasive when giving some vague excuses. Sarah thought better not to be too much insisting and told herself her new friend would talk when ready to do so.
Yet Kathleen would have liked to accept the invitation, but she hadn't dared. She knew that if she did, she would have to endure another jealousy fit from David. He just couldn't bear that she went out without him, that she did anything without him. She didn't even have the right to read a book while David was around, otherwise he came out again like "You don't really love me, you prefer reading a book rather than being with me". No matter how much she tried to put his mind at rest, each time it was the same, he remained obstinately silent and ended up going outside to "get some fresh air". And each time she was afraid, because she knew David's extreme nature. How many times he told her he couldn't live without her, that if she let him down, he wouldn't bear it, and other variations on the theme. However, David had very soon to leave awhile on the occasion of a traineeship, which meant he would be here only on weekends. Kathleen was eager to find herself a little on her own, so that she wouldn't have to pay attention to every word, every gesture.
The very first week when David was away, she invited Sarah for dinner. The latter was so glad to see that Kathleen looked much more relaxed, like freed from a heavy burden. She tried to talk to her about it, and after a little hesitation, Kathleen confessed she loved David no more and wanted to break up, but she didn't dare. Besides, she asked her friend to say not a word about them meeting.
The girls would see each other during the week, always at Kathleen's however, so as not to miss the inevitable daily phone calls from David, and the four of them would meet on most Saturdays to have dinner together. Sarah liked these meetings, undercover like, which diverted her from boredom while Peter was away. She would have liked to be able to help Kathleen, but what could she do? Yet her friend looked so upset when she would talk about David. One evening, Kathleen was close to tears, for she couldn't stand the situation anymore. The previous weekend had been particularly tiresome, she had been treated to fit after fit from David. Sarah took her into her arms to try to comfort her a little, and Kathleen began to calm down. When she lifted her head, they looked at each other and, without a word, Sarah laid her mouth on Kathleen's, then embarrassingly moved away. But Kathleen lightly touched her hand and got closer. They kissed again, this time more eagerly.
They would both look forward to each week. With tenderness, without passion, without love, without restraint, from Monday to Friday, the former would stave off her boredom with the latter, the latter would make the most of her fleeting freedom with the former.
The atmosphere on Saturday's dinners among neighbors was sometimes a bit tense.

20 juin 2006

Forecast for the summer

(oui bon, le dessin, c'est pas mon truc... )
Merry : tu sais bien que je préfère la barbe

19 juin 2006

Skin on Skin

D'accord avec Monsieur Loutre, si quelqu'un avait la même en version femelle, pour de"purs motifs esthétiques" et éducatifs…
Merci Monsieur Loutre !

"Homme contre Homme
Ma peau appartient au Monsieur

15 juin 2006

For a sucker's smile

Et le poisson, des fois, il griffonne un peu in english.

For describing features of the face
With a half broken bottle of gin
You could only stare
And flinch back away
But you heard the mumbled mercy
Flesh raped by delving into places
Smitten by decay
Another mewling prey

You smiled
About to stub your cigarette out
But heartily
Joined the party

The burning butt in your hand
The other keeping the head bent

Then you scrub begging lips off with care
Slightly move avoiding the spat blood
Enjoy like a funfair
That can light you up
You take your time in there
And don't fuck it up

I smile
Take out one more fag to light
And heartily
Join the party

Introducing fish

Hulk a raison, j'ai oublié de me présenter.

Je suis donc un poisson, qui aime nager dans des eaux claires (pas trop salées, s'il vous plaît). J'ai deux petites nageoires fort élégantes et mes écailles offrent aux regards des reflets changeant selon la lumière. Vous pouvez voir ma queue sur la photo ci-dessous (faut pas déconner, j'allais quand même pas mettre une photo de moi en entier onzi internet !).

Je ne mange pas mon prochain, en fait je mange très peu (d'aucuns disent une fois par semaine, mais il ne faut tout de même pas exagérer). J'aime beaucoup faire des bons pour replonger aussi sec… euh, mouillé ? J'avoue que je bulle un peu trop, mais chacun ses vices, non ? Un jour, j'ai failli me faire avoir par un hameçon sournoisement dissimulé dans les profondeurs, mais j'ai réussi à m'en sortir. J'ai un peu voyagé dans différentes eaux, visitant des coraux parfois magnifiques et croisant des poissons en tous genres, mais il arrive que le courant soit un peu fort et qu'il m'entraîne au loin dans des lieux étranges. Plus tard, j'espère trouver un aquarium douillet, de taille respectable, avec une jolie vue et un coffre au trésor qui s'ouvre en laissant échapper des bulles.

13 juin 2006

I would like to know...

- si Robin Hobb sortira un jour une espèce de suite aux cycles de l'assassin et du fou (allez, steuplaît, Robin, sois pas vache, quatre ou cinq tomes de plus, c'est quand même pas grand-chose !).
- pourquoi de nombreuses personnes considèrent qu'arriver avec cinq minutes de retard, ce n'est pas arriver en retard. En retard, c'est en retard, non ?
- qui a pondu la théorie des déséquilibres avec taches solaires sur la lune… il fallait y penser, quand même.
- qui a tué Laura Palmer. Parce que c'est sûr, c'est beaucoup moins évident que ce que Lynch voudrait nous faire croire.
- pourquoi autant de gens accordent beaucoup d'attention au fait que les organes reproducteurs se situent tantôt à l'intérieur, tantôt à l'extérieur du corps. Est-ce que ce sont des organes reproducteurs que l'on apprécie, avec qui l'on discute, échange… (oui, un peu parfois, d'accord).
- comment ça se fait que je passe les trois quarts du temps au travail dans le bâtiment qui pue. "Dis, t'es dans quel bâtiment, toi ?" // "Le H." // "Ah ouais, cuikipu… Pas de chance, hein !"
- comment certaines personnes, respectables par ailleurs, peuvent réellement s'intéresser un tant soit peu au marketing. Je suppose que ce doit être un des grands mystères de la vie…
- comment réaliser un enchaînement de motifs avec le logiciel Guru. C'est sûr qu'on doit pouvoir le faire, mais je trouve paaaas !
- si les lessives "spéciales noir" sont vraiment efficaces ou si elles se contentent de laver moins bien pour ne pas délaver le noir.
- pourquoi j'ai l'impression que mes factures EDF augmentent d'année en année, alors que je change rien à mes habitudes électriques.

Tout élément de réponse sera le bienvenu…

I don't want to know...

- pourquoi le ciel est bleu, pourquoi le soleil brille, pourquoi la pluie ça mouille… ça le fait et ça suffit amplement. Quel besoin d'expliquer le trivial ? Autant le vivre, ça peut être sympa.
- ce que veulent dire les XD, lol, :), \o/, ;?!§w*¤ et autres, c'est déjà assez compliqué avec des mots. En plus, les mots qui se créent au sein des sphères télématiques ne me parlent pas vraiment et ne feraient qu'encombrer mes neurones.
- qui va gagner/a gagné la coupe du monde de trucball. Non, vraiment.
- quand et comment je vais mourir : j'aime les surprises.
- ce que l'on est censé dire/faire face à son supérieur hiérarchique. J'avoue que j'ai tendance à n'en faire qu'à ma tête, et j'assume (enfin presque…).
- les origines de l'empire byzantin. Et pourtant, qu'est-ce qu'"on" a pu me les raconter, mais rien à faire, ça ne veut pas rester.
- la composition d'une cigarette. Je ne vois pas trop en quoi cela pourrait m'empêcher de fumer (je sais lire, hein, c'est écrit sur les paquets que c'est dangereux pour la santé).
- quel âge j'aurai dans dix ans. Oulà, je ne sais pas compter jusque-là, moi ! Je verrai bien si/quand j'y serai.
- ce que fait mon voisin de palier dans la vie. C'est sa vie, il fait bien ce qu'il veut.
- quel temps il fera demain. Je vous l'ai dit, j'aime les surprises, et de toute façon, demain, je m'enferme chez moi.