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19 juin 2007

And wear your bottle down

Adaptation de "Debout", d'Elista

J : lyrics, vocals, guitar, photo, chouchène, washing, backache, parallel-parking, sex philosophy, various perversities.
Peewee Peeper : lyrics, vocals, ride & hi-hat, strap,
asti, pigeons, cigs, complaints, cough, bed.

Today, you're fine and you pretend
Someone can see, can see you bend
Today, one two three, count
Until it's given out
Until I'm given out

Tell, what could hide your bra
Only sadness, faking fullness
And everything's the same

Today, be nice, nobody's blind
To see you and your mind
Today, and tell me you're fine
How could you sleep at night
How could I sleep at night

Tell, what could hide your bra
Just loneliness, not emptiness
And everything's the same…

Today, don't mind, it's ever one
And now your skin is torn, and now your skin is torn
Today will wait for awhile
Hold in your little lie
Hold in my little lie

Tell, what could hide your bra
Hide in sadness, behind drunkenness
And everything's the same…
It's turning out the same

01 juin 2007

Sun drops

Stand balanced as a catspaw
About to fall
Believing that I can walk
On this puddle
Out of shivering circles
Only puddles

No suddenly you fail the move
Let's get a few
Most certainly I made it loose
Like on a whim
From a simmering relish
Just on a whim

Taken out to twist the shades
Of rambling waves
You'd keep on drifting off away
For a severing relief

Halfway come undone
To tell your every drop
But for now on, let's not

And the dive
And the deep
Most like you drown
And the dive
And the beat
Meanwhile, I lie