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22 mars 2008


Uh, mais y a un truc pas anglais, là-dedans...

Music : Tinylite
Lyrics and vocals : Peewee Peeper

12 mars 2008

Peeper Moaning

IOM's 50 Rock!

Music : Iom

All the people 'round you
Look at one and others
Who's that one who's getting out
All the ones you'd let in
And the ones who'd let you in
Every guy you wonder then who they are, well
They just come and go
Only passing by your way
But you wanna know and guess all their stories, how
Come that one is looking sad
And that one is looking glad
Who'll come across your lane
Pacing up and down the town
So you dive into the crowd
What the hell they think about
All the secrets hidden in
You want them to let you in
What's the matter with them
What's the matter with you
All you do is hang around
Cause you think it's better out
With so many people out
All you do is hang around
Cause you think you're better out

You want them to let you in
And you keep looking around
Wondering 'bout what they can hide
You want them to let you in
All the ones who'd get you out
And you keep looking around

You are a peeper moaning
About your empty life
You like those people coming
Under your eyes

01 mars 2008

Ballad around a navel

I have no grins to serve
Say in other words
I don't care 'bout them birds
Getting on my nerves

Wipe out the trash
Pebbles I'll cast
When they're at last
Neat and class
And mean

I'm afraid I forget
To keep up the pace
If you have time to waste
Tell me go to hell

Navels are my
Favorite pastime
Sometimes I lie
Please touch mine
And leave

I could serve my head up