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12 mai 2008

* is out

Richard Kapp's new album * (Asterisk) available on iTunes!
(with a little bit of my voice in it)

"Warm and Safe" :

(uhuh, même qu'on parle de moi)

04 mai 2008

A honeymoon in Amsterdam

Au pas tranquille, c'est tout beau, c'est du Iom... et c'est illustré par la belle Winter Cherry, qui devrait revenir très bientôt par ici.

Music : Iom
Lyrics : Peewee Peeper
Illustration : Winter Cherry

A honeymoon in Amsterdam
That's all I want for you, madam
Anyhow, anyhow
To make your head go round and round
Keep your hand tight in mine
I promise I won't let you down
Anyhow, anyhow
That's all I want now

To give you nice rides
Out of your mind
Get on my wooden horse
And leave your sorrow
Back in, well… some other town

A forever ride in Amsterdam
That's all I want from you, madam
Anyhow, anyhow
To lose our tracks and track of time
And in case you dismount
Below your feet you'll see the sky
Upside down, anyhow
That's all you want now

Picking up red sage
At a slow pace
Nothing ain't shallow
When you throw your tickets away

Look at the glow
In the shadow
It's our dawn
For a day done and undone

Riding on
You won't fall
Along the way
To my brain
It's time for taking off and going round
Oh baby no-one ever forget