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28 novembre 2007

The Dying Generation

Music : IOM
Lyrics : IOM, Peewee Peeper

... A new generation's sold
For the sake of a crime
To seal off damn holes
Line up in rows to your death
But there ain't no need to worry
Take a few more steps to your grave
To set us free from our misery
Cause the earth must be saved
They hid the truth
They said it would be all right
For you to get old before you're twenty
Fall down before you live
Remember you're to save
A new generation's born
To take over the dead
Cause there are still damn holes
But you got to confine what is left
There ain't no time to feel sorry
Radiation will put you down
Before we're free from our misery
Tell me who's next in line
Tell them the truth
Tell them it won't be all right

10 novembre 2007

Take a breather

You hit me back, I was
So wrong and so on
You'd cuss and stab, I was
Stained like you so long
Nowhere you said and then
No cuts to make, oh well
Though I was scared, I was
Sorry you came

Oh dear, drown it out
That breathing caught me out
I'm blinking at the lack
I'm blinking till I'm sad
How you breathe me
Out till I'm sad

You hit again, I was
Low on you so, I was
Longing to say, I know
Say you could go and all
Only you stayed, I want
Only pristine, I was
Sorry you came then
You feed that warm pain