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05 janvier 2008


A word or two
A sound or none
Across the soothed
The void in-between
Where silence needs
Nothing to grow
The first gentle crack
But no so deep
It might come back
Ever and ever
As some would hush
Again and rush
Away from tears
And other more
The sweetest wound
To fill in holes
That came too soon
That came too blue
When skies would like
Would intertwine
Once maybe twice
Come side to side
Rid of disguise
To find out then
New colors to wear
I pressed my finger
To my mouth
As I thought I
Would go for a spin
Once in a while
Instead of circles
Eating up
Cause some will hush
Again and rush
Away from tears
And maybe more
Cause some have torn
Off what you know
And what you need
Again you've seen
That I can't help
That I can't tell
Enough to break
Down walls you make
Though I could climb
If shadows would line
Up like shaky steps
It's just another middle way